Monday, June 27, 2011

Inside SWISS, Outside Switzerland - Austria

Gudrun Keferböck, Marketing Austria & CEE West

Lederhosen, giant Ferris wheel, Sissi (Empress Elisabeth), The Sound Of Music, Wiener Schnitzel - Welcome to Austria! This alpine country has much more to offer but it would be impossible to mention everything at once. But consider this highlight, for example: In 2010 Vienna, Austria’s capital city, was selected as the city offering the highest quality of life worldwide, closely followed by Zurich, which had previously held the top ranking. The battle for first place continues on a yearly basis.

How am I connected on a personal level to Switzerland? For more than three years now I have been with SWISS, happily aloft in the skies of Switzerland. What I like best of all is to travel privately in our new long-haul Business Class, stretching out in MY two-metre long bed above the clouds. “On the side”, I am responsible for Marketing and Communications in Austria and CEE West, which is our corporate abbreviation for an entire group of countries. And I have to be careful not to forget a single one of them when I recite the list: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia are the countries I look after for SWISS Marketing.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The opera superstar

Interview: Manuela Gretener, Manager Inflight Entertainment
Photos: Universal Music

The world-famous opera superstar Anna Netrebko enchants audiences around the globe. The Russian Diva of our time has got it all: a voice of astounding purity, precision, extensive dynamic and tonal range, imagination, insight, and wit - all combined with a dazzling charisma. For SWISS, she compiled a unique music channel and told us a bit more about herself and her amazing art.

What is your biggest inspiration when singing?
My biggest inspirations when singing are the music and my colleagues. It is so important to have good partners on the stage; they help make your performance better.

What can the our passengers expect from your self created music channel?
It ranges from popular opera scenes and arias to Russian art songs that not many people know. There are also some short, sparkling pieces that are less serious.

If you could choose one song, which would be your favourite of all time?
It’s too hard to choose! The Russian songs I recorded with Gergiev and with Barenboim are all very special to me, since I grew up listening many of them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First class tableware and lounge furniture for sale (FCL 3)

Domenica Rosato, Head of Ground Product Development

Ever felt like eating off our SWISS First plates or sipping your wine from just the right glass? Here’s a chance to do so without even venturing into our First Class cabins!

Following the introduction of the new SWISS First inflight service concept, including its new Asa fine bone china and Riedel wine glasses, we are now selling off all our previous First Class tableware.

Ever since the Schengen Agreement came into effect at Zurich Airport, we have, in addition to our Lounge Center in the Schengen Zone at Gates A, been operating a SWISS Lounge in the Non-Schengen zone at Gates B. The imminent opening of the new, state-of-the-art Gates B section of the airport presented us with an opportunity to improve the positioning of our Non-Schengen Lounge. The upgrading of the entire Non-Schengen Zone will enhance the appeal of Zurich Airport for Non-Schengen connecting passengers departing from Zurich. Our Non-Schengen lounge is the only lounge in the Non-Schengen Zone at a strategically important location and as such represents a genuine USP.