Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First class tableware and lounge furniture for sale (FCL 2)

Sarah Klatt-Walsh, Head of Inflight Products & Services

Ever felt like eating off our SWISS First plates or sipping your wine from just the right glass? Here’s a chance to do so without even venturing into our First Class cabins!

Following the introduction of the new SWISS First inflight service concept, including its new Asa fine bone china and Riedel wine glasses, we are now selling off all our previous First Class tableware.

 After a two year project with a lot of involvement from customers and cabin crew members, I am very happy that the new SWISS First Inflight Service Concept has been successfully introduced on all our long haul aircrafts as per March 2nd, 2011.

Why did we change our inflight service in SWISS First?
Our former SWISS First Inflight Service Concept was over 10 years old and only minor refreshers were introduced in the past. I can still remember when we implemented the completely new service with the two Starchefs Philippe Rochat and Roland Pierroz, and tableware designed by the Swiss architect Tilla Theus. That was quite a service revolution back then!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Basel ABC - Part 2/2 (Travel Tips)

Sabrina Leuenberger, Direct Sales & Services Manager Scandinavia & Finland

First Part of the Basel ABC (A-L)

M Museum
Where to start?! Basel has one of the biggest concentrations of museums worldwide, so I just go for two classics: Fondation Beyler and Tinguely Museum. The first one has a great collection of the big painters and the second one is Basel’s most famous artist.

N Novartis
And Roche, two of the world’s five largest pharmaceutical companies were founded in Basel and also have their headquarters here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Basel ABC - Part 1/2 (Travel Tips)

Sabrina Leuenberger, Direct Sales & Services Manager Scandinavia & Finland

Hi there!

I guess you grow more aware of your roots if you live abroad. In my case, I’ve recovered my love for my home town of Basel, and I am very happy that SWISS now brings it even closer to Scandinavia with its new six-times-weekly Basel-Copenhagen flight.

If you ask someone what Basel is famous for, they will probably say its pharmaceuticals industry, its football club and its three crazy days of carnival in late winter. But Basel is much more than that. I see Basel as the “underdog” among Switzerland’s bigger cities.

So to bring Basel closer not only to the Nordics, but also maybe to some of you, here is my personal “Basel ABC”:

A Atlantis
The Atlantis restaurant/bar/club, located in the city centre, is an institution. Founded way back in 1947, it’s also known as the “Tis” among locals and visitors alike.

B Barfüsserplatz
This square is the very heart of Basel. Get yourself an ice cream, sit down and watch the people pass by. Or spread out and discover the nearby shopping streets.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rock The Sky

Interview: Manuela Gretener, Manager Inflight Entertainment
Photos: Universal Music

The US – Rockband Bon Jovi, founded in the early 80ies, is a legend! The four rockstars have compiled an exclusive music channel for SWISS. The keyboarder David Bryan told us a bit more about himself and Bon Jovi.

How did you get into making music and why especially rock music?
I started classical piano lessons at the age of seven playing in bands since I was thirteen years old. I then joined Jon Bon Jovi’s former band “Atlantic City Expressway”. At the age of seventeen, I fell in love with Rock’n’Roll when I first heard it… Elvis, then the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and many more.

You are currently on world tour. Do you like to travel?
I love to travel and travel the world!

Which ones are your favourite destinations?
That is so hard to say!! I love the entire planet!