Monday, February 28, 2011

Inside look at Swiss WorldCargo (SWC 3)

Dominic Peter, Sales Agent Export Office Zurich

So, have you read the last blog entry? Maria has initialized an order for a "San Francisco" aircraft model to be sent to our SWISS station in Miami. PrintAvia, our give-aways logistic partner, has prepared and sent the shipment/documents (proforma invoice/packing list) and arranged the delivery of the shipment to Planzer warehouse, next door to us at Zurich Airport.

Planzer, our freight forwarder handling agent, will now scale the weight and dimensions of the packages and submit an internal delivery sheet to us. After that, we will issue the Air Waybill in the Cargospot freight forwarder handling system, book the shipment in the Swiss WorldCargo system called “Swiss Worx”, do the export customs clearance via the customs system, and print the packing barcode labels. After all of the documents have been taken care of, Planzer will deliver the shipment for us to the Cargologic acceptance point. Cargologic is our airline handling agent. They will arrange the shipment on an aircraft pallet or place it into a container and organize its transportation to the aircraft. There, the pallets or containers will be loaded by Swissport into the airplane.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Inside look at Swiss WorldCargo (SWC 2)

Maria Campanella, Marketing Communication Cargo

As the Marketing Communication team we are responsible for the implementation of all strategic measures as well as give-away items. It is therefore fair to say that the model version of the "San Francisco" aircraft actually started with us.

Before we are in a position to send this model aircraft to Miami, it has already travelled a considerable distance.

The model versions of the aircraft with the distinctive livery were produced in Asia on behalf of SWISS. When the supply was ready, Swiss WorldCargo imported it into Switzerland. Because this particular article was produced specifically for SWISS its transport aboard our own aircraft was done free of charge.

But to prevent SWISS employees from making uncoordinated shipments of goods on our route network, such special cargo must first be approved by us. In cases like this we serve as the link between local producers and local Swiss WorldCargo staff. We make sure that our Asian colleagues receive all the relevant information about the shipment as early as possible.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inside look at Swiss WorldCargo (SWC 1)

Oliver Evans, Chief Cargo Officer

Dear readers,

Let’s start off with the basic: we do not have to fill up the seats in the cabin, our customers are not passengers and we do not issue tickets. We have a different brand and a different logo. We have our own website, and even our own blog. Nevertheless, we are part of SWISS and, as a matter of fact, we contribute significantly in terms of revenue and profit. Who are we? And what do we do?

Whether you have the answer already or not, there is no doubt that most of you don’t know much about us. To give you a clue, we ask you another question: Have you ever wondered what is in the “belly” of a plane? Our business consists precisely in selling the “belly capacity” of SWISS’s intercontinental aircraft and in linking it to an integrated feeding and de-feeding continental air and road transport network .

Monday, February 14, 2011

SMS Irregularity Service

Marcus Bartsch, Manager Passenger Care Center

At SWISS we do everything within our power to ensure that our guests enjoy a pleasant, punctual flight. But despite our best efforts, a delay or, even worse, a cancellation may occur.

In such situations our primary goal is to inform customers as soon as possible so that they know about the scheduling change before they arrive at the airport. We want them to have this information as early as possible, i.e. ideally before they have left home or while they are still at the office so that they can organise their time accordingly.

As soon as it is clear that an operational change will take place, the Passenger Care Center staff follow predetermined procedures in order to inform passengers as quickly and as comprehensively as they can. One of our key tools in this regard is our "Text Message (SMS) Irregularity Service“. As the name indicates, passengers are informed via a text message to their mobile telephone about the expected length of the delay or, in the case of a cancellation, about rebooking possibilities. In general, this information is transmitted promptly once the operational problem has been determined.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hamburg (Travel Tips)

SWISS Cabin Crew

In the final instalment of our series of travel tips, we put the spotlight on Hamburg. This North Sea port is Germany’s second biggest city and marks the confluence of three rivers: this is where the Alster and the Bille flow into the Elbe.

If you wish to gaze in awe upon the city from above, climbing the 132 tower of St. Michael’s Church is the best way to do so. With the television tower currently closed due to construction work, the church tower currently offers the best view of the city. The church, which locals refer to as the "Hamburger Michel" is open to visitors every day (view from the tower on the photo below).

Another excellent way to explore Hamburg is by boat. The best option is to board HADAG Line number 62, which is part of the public transport system and allows you to see all of the key sites from the water.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rome (Travel Tips)

SWISS Cabin Crew

In the third part of our series of travel tips we turn our attention to the Eternal City – Rome. The Italian capital is famous for its many historic monuments, among them the Colosseum.

Many of Rome’s historic attractions are readily accessible on foot as they are located in the city centre. For a superb view of the city, climb up the Gianicolo hill in the Trastevere quarter. From this vantage point you can see all of the seven famous hills of the city and enjoy perhaps the single finest view of the entire city.

The same quarter is home to the restaurant "Checco er carettiere" (photo on the right-hand side), which has been welcoming diners since 1936. The menu specialises in Roman and Italian dishes, particularly fish fresh from the Mediterranean.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

KT Tunstall invites you

Interview: Manuela Gretener, Manager Inflight Entertainment
Photos: EMI Music

After her worldwide success with songs like “Suddenly I See” or “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”, Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall returns with her third album “Tiger Suit”. She has also compiled an exclusive mix for SWISS, containing her most favourite songs and own hits! In the interview with SWISS, the passionate singer talks about the musical adventure which awaits the listeners on her music channel as well as on her new album.

KT, what is your biggest inspiration when creating a new track?
Whatever hooks me most: a melody line, a beat, a lyric, an atmosphere, an instrument or a specific emotion. And then ultimately the subject I’m writing about.

How have the songs been chosen?
I chose songs that I have heard and that have stayed with me as soon as I heard them; they all hooked me in the heart. Many choices are personal idols, and all are inspiring to me for their sound and craft.

Is there any song from another artist you wish you had written yourself?
So, so many! “Life on Mars” by David Bowie would have been a nice one to have written myself ...