Friday, November 11, 2011

Our fleet - Introduction (1/5)

Mathias Sulger, Intern Online & Social Media Marketing at SWISS

How much do you know about the aircraft in which you fly around the world? More specifically, how much do you know about the SWISS fleet?

With our new blog series „SWISS Fleet“ we wish to present our big birds to you. Each aircraft has its own individual characteristics – from wingspan, range, cabin interior and appearance. We’re pleased to offer you this opportunity to become more familiar with our airplanes.

In the months ahead you’ll be able to make the acquaintance of four aircraft types on our SWISS Blog. We wish you enjoyable reading.


  1. I have flown in three of your great aircraft: A340-313X - LAX ZRH, ZRH LAX; A319 - ZRH FRA; AVRO RJ 100 - FRA ZRH. I love Swiss!!! I hope to fly with you again soon!

  2. i have flown in all your aircraft!

  3. Booked J RTW fares with Swiss for myself, my wife and my 3yo daughter. Flying on your 340 from HKG-ZRH and your 333 from ZRH - JFK.

    Can't wait!!


  4. I love Swiss Int. Airlines and Switzerland and of course Swiss LX Aircrafts, especialle the new
    Greetings from Germany!/pages/reisebuero-weberde/114787088633648

  5. I flow all aircraft typs on swiss but the avro rj100
    are ready to chance in a modern aircraft now!

  6. I flow all aircraft typs on swiss, and in 2002 I flown the legendery MD11. I love LX...

  7. The big question today is what will repalce the A340 (which assembly line has been discontinued) and is starting to show its age?

  8. I love flying with swiss, I had nearly all aircrafts except A330, I confirm former statements, the Avro is over it's time (and if you are more than 1.90m it is a health risk as well ;-) ).
    maybe someone responsible of swiss reads this, that is just a suggestion:
    In summer I had the chance to fly with LX92 / LX93 ZRH-GRU two times (4 flights) and I used the whole cabin (first, business, eco). there was a little strange situation, because in First you have more space than enough, everithing is perfect, but still an old chair with some defects and in the rows behind (business) we have the new ones (and every technical gadged worked fine) ... when you look at the price tag, isn't it the wrong order to renew the cabin?
    Don't worry, I still fly with you as often as it is possible for me!