Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beijing - Reactions from our colleagues in China

Our team in China is very excited about today’s announcement of a non-stop flight between Zurich and Beijing. Here are some reactions from our colleagues in China.

Yuejing Jean Ma, Reservation & Ticketing (Shanghai)
The new non-stop flight connects the heart of Europe with the heart of China. We are proud that more and more Chinese passengers will be able to enjoy the outstanding qualities of SWISS. This new flight means new challenges, a bigger workload and lots of pressure. But we promise to pay attention to every detail of our service and we will try our best to keep up the SWISS traditions.
Come on, white cross above the clouds!

Jing Jessica Sun, Sales Representative (Shanghai)
It is a more attractive product for business travellers. SWISS will have a really combinable product in China. The Chinese market is one of the most important markets in the world. Beijing, as the capital of China, will bring SWISS more and more government-related business.
This new flight means more challenges and more opportunities to develop corporate accounts and work closely with government business clients.
The most important thing to do until the inaugural flight is to keep making a good profit in China (Shanghai route) and we will try our best to make it for the Beijing flight!

Li Zhang, Senior Sales Executive (Beijing)
I have been waiting for this moment for more than 8 years. Now the dream comes true. It is more than exciting…SWISS means so much to me, especially as I also worked for Swissair. I will soon communicate this good news to my ex-colleagues with celebrations.
As we all know, the SWISS brand stands for high quality, reliability and precision. These are also our values to maintain. Of course, online Beijing means more work and more challenges, which I have already started tackling.
1. Help HQ to coordinate with CAAC and related government authorities to obtain the operating permit and slots.
2. Start market and sales promotion in order to attract as much business as we can.
3. Help to make our inaugural event successful and memorable.
We are sure we will offer top quality service to our customers and make the BJS route as successful as SHA.

Yuan Christine Li, Country Manager (Shanghai)
I am more than pleased to see this new flight route approved. It is so exciting to see SWISS operate from the two most important cities in mainland China as of February 2012. It is another important milestone worth celebrating.
As everyone knows, China routes are becoming more and more important in the airline business, as passenger numbers are dramatically increasing every year and demand will continuously rise. The launch of this route also confirms the SWISS commitment to China as a market. We need to be well prepared and make extra efforts to ensure the comfort of our customers and passengers.
Let’s work closely now that we have more resources to sell in China. I am happy and more confident to see the increasing success of SWISS operations and services in China.

Lin Jiang, Sales Executive (Beijing)
With the launch of this non-stop Zurich-Beijing flight, more and more Chinese will be able to experience the spirit of SWISS: efficiency, punctuality and Swiss hospitality.


  1. Bravo! Proud of you ladies ;-)
    Good luck..


  2. Soooo happy to have this new challenge, let's work together to make it a profitable route!
    Looking forward to the new A330, yeah!!!

  3. The cost of A340 is very high unless you have a good. I like Hainan Airlines A330.

  4. SWISS ought to check its English, when advertising flights internationally!
    In the enthusiastic announcement the adverb IRRESISTIBLY appears faultily as IRRESISTABLY. Maybe the writer would also have the adjective wrong. It is IRRESISTIBLE, not IRRESISTABLE!


  5. Here is the quotation from the SWISS text:

    Welcome to Beijing! As of February 2012 SWISS offers you a daily nonstop flight to this fascinating capital city. Experience the harmony of contrasts in the irresistably appealing 3,000-year-old metropolis.


  6. This market is to be overcapacitized. Not good for either of the two operators

  7. I am from Beijing airport. Does Swissair really get the slot? please don't teasing the market.

  8. Good Luck. I am proud of the ability of all my ex-colleagues to manage both important cities in China. Jimmy (HKG)

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