Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hamburg (Travel Tips)

SWISS Cabin Crew

In the final instalment of our series of travel tips, we put the spotlight on Hamburg. This North Sea port is Germany’s second biggest city and marks the confluence of three rivers: this is where the Alster and the Bille flow into the Elbe.

If you wish to gaze in awe upon the city from above, climbing the 132 tower of St. Michael’s Church is the best way to do so. With the television tower currently closed due to construction work, the church tower currently offers the best view of the city. The church, which locals refer to as the "Hamburger Michel" is open to visitors every day (view from the tower on the photo below).

Another excellent way to explore Hamburg is by boat. The best option is to board HADAG Line number 62, which is part of the public transport system and allows you to see all of the key sites from the water.

Hungry visitors with an appetite for the specialities of northern Germany should check out the Friesenkeller. Here you can enjoy generous portions of cuisine from the region, including the Friesian Islands. The restaurant is located at Jungfernstieg directly on the Inner Alster.

But if you are merely thirsty rather than hungry, you should treat yourself to a drink in the Tower Bar at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg. The bar is open daily from 18:00 to 02:00. The wonderful view from here is of Hamburg by night, including the harbour and the Reeperbahn.

Another exciting location is Hafen City. This city-in-city is built on a piece of land that was formerly used as a port facility. It is completely surrounded by water and approximately 2.2 km² in size. Over the next 15 years it will offer housing to accommodate some 12,000 residents and provide jobs for around 40,000 people.

We hope this mini-portrait inspires you put Hamburg on your travel itinerary as a place to see and experience as soon as possible. Have fun in Hamburg.


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