Friday, October 29, 2010

Zurich Tip - Sailing down the Linth Canal (ZRH 6)

Guy Kellenberger, Manager Revenue Management & Pricing

Summertime and living is easy…

The spirit of this famous line from one of George Gershwin’s best-known tunes is alive and well in one of my favourite summer activities: drifting down the Linth Canal in a rubber dinghy. The journey begins in Ziegelbrücke and ends about two and a half hours later in the upper end of Lake Zurich near the town of Schmerikon.

This form of summer sun offers something for everyone: suntanning in the dinghy itself, loafing on an air mattress attached to the dinghy by a cord, splashing about in the water or just drifting along on the current.

The starting point of Ziegelbrücke can be reached directly from Zurich Central Station. Journey time ranges from 45 to 60 minutes.

Tip: be sure to take along enough drinks and snacks.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Zurich Tip - Where to go with small children (ZRH 5)

Christine Barden, Manager Business Intelligence & Development (Swiss WorldCargo)

If you want to meet locals with small children you can try either of these locations.

If you want to see a typical Zurich “Badi” (swimming area), walk along Lake Zurich through the “Arboretum”, then pass all the rowing and sailing clubs and the “Sukkulentenanlage”. After this nice walk, you can enjoy yourself at the small beach of Badi Mythenquai (bring along sandbox toys, waterproof trousers and rubber boots and, ideally, spare clothes for your little ones). There is also a small playground and a park. In summer it is fantastic to go swimming there and it has a very nice swimming pool for small children (< 30 cm of water).

Friday, October 22, 2010

Becoming a SWISS fan is really worth it!

by Can Menevşeoğlu

It all started when I saw a SWISS Facebook contest on an aviation website. I wanted to give it a shot and became a SWISS fan immediately and took part in the contest. I then left for Sakarya to continue my studies at Sakarya University. I could not check my e-mails during that time and when I got back home I was so surprised to see that I had won a trip to Berlin for two, including a Business Class flight, two nights at Swissôtel and a pair of tickets for the soccer game between Turkey and Germany!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zurich Tip - The Uetliberg (ZRH 4)

Aglaja Weber, Flight Attendant

Zurich is a fascinating international city with many facets to its personality. For the best view of the city, take the S10 urban rail link from Zurich Central Station up to the Uetliberg, which rises to 870 meters and is located in Zurich’s own “back yard”. Not far from the final stop are a restaurant and a viewing tower that is accessible all year round at no charge. The panoramic view of the city and the Alps from the top is nothing short of spectacular. In summer this is a very popular spot among romantics of all ages. A great activity in fine weather is to walk along the ridge to Felsenegg, where a cable car transports hikers down to the town of Adliswil, where they can catch a train back into Zurich. In the autumn, an Oktoberfest takes place here. During the winter, this is a great place to visit in order to be above the fog. The footpaths become sledding trails that allow you to toboggan at speed back down into the city. The pace can be quite swift so this downhill option is best suited for people who enjoy such thrills.

360° panoramic view from the Uetliberg

Friday, October 15, 2010

SWISS Inside - The first flight (Cabin Crew 6)

Nicole Kobler, Trainee Flight Attendant

Yesterday was day one on the job. I was ready for my first flight, destination Moscow. I was naturally excited at the prospect of this “legendary” flight. But let’s start at the beginning. Of course I arrived at OPS much too early. Two hours before the briefing I looked through my documentation for the tenth time. I wanted to make sure I was ready for everything.

The time at the OPC went by quickly however. There was a lot to see everywhere. For a while I watched the other flight attendants, and it was nice to see how many of them knew each other. I repeatedly heard someone say: “Hey, great to see you again. How are you doing? Where are you coming from? Where are you flying to?"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zurich Tip - Kreis 5 (ZRH 3)

Alexander Stoll, Senior Demand & Pricing Analyst
Photos: Zürich Tourismus, Cabaret Club

Zurich’s former industrial zone adopts a new identity

Chic boutiques, a wide range of restaurants and distinctive bars sit comfortably side by side. But there’s much more: Zurich’s newest 36-story landmark sets new standards. Welcome to the tallest building in Switzerland: Prime Tower. My own personal highlights here include the shopping area integrated within the railway viaduct, the centrepiece of which is the Markthalle. Some 20 farmers and food retailers from the Zurich region market their goods here. The recently-opened Viaduct is fast becoming a new people magnet, where pleasure, aesthetics and creativity come together. This part of the city, known to locals as “Kreis 5”, is also home to a pulsating nightlife scene. Night owls are advised to seek out the Cabaret Club, my own personal tip. This small but special club on Geroldstrasse is known well beyond the city’s borders, thanks largely to the appearances of renowned international DJs, such as Jeff Mills, who animate the crowd here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Amy MacDonald on air

Interview: Manuela Gretener, Manager Inflight Entertainment
Photos: Universal Music

Amy Macdonald enchanted the world of pop music for the first time in 2008 with her stunning debut album “This  Is The Life”. The acutely talented Scottish singer/songwriter produced and exclusive music channel for SWISS where she compileed a selection of her own compositions as well as her favourite songs. Amy told SWISS a bit more about herself, her music and her habits when travelling.

What is your biggest inspiration when creating a new track?
It can be anything. I am inspired by simple everyday life. I can be inspired to write songs after a concert, or after seeing my friends or something as simple as hearing a cool song on the radio.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zurich Tip - The ETH Terrace (ZRH 2)

Gieri Hinnen, Manager Environmental & Aeropolitical Affairs
Photos: ETH Zürich

The best university in town also offers the best view in town

On a bright sunny day one of the nicest places in Zurich is the terrace of the ETH Zurich, one of Switzerland’s main Universities. To get there, just take the red “Polybähnli” – an historic cable car that transports you vertically from the Central tram stop just over the bridge from Zurich Central Station. At your destination you’ll see why Zurich – despite its small size – is a pretty awesome city: from your standpoint you can see the lake, the mountains and all the cute little houses.

The ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) is one of Switzerland’s most famous technical universities and is often compared to MIT in the US. One of its claims to fame is that Albert Einstein spent some time there. Many students enrolled here major in IT or mathematics, which means there’s a fair chance that they will one day become CEO of one of Switzerland’s main multinationals, many of whom are currently headed by ETH alumni).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SWISS Inside - Medical (Cabin Crew 5)

Nicole Kobler, Trainee Flight Attendant

Following our very intensive and interesting week learning about safety, we moved on to the medical aspect of our training. As flight attendants, we have to be prepared to deal with any kind of medical situation on board.

Consequently, we spent three days on a steep learning curve with our instructors, who demonstrated their considerable acting ability by presenting various mock scenes of medical cases during a flight. As they pretended to be in medical distress, we had to figure out what was happening and react appropriately. We were trained to observe small details in order to be able to take immediate action. Three truly compelling days were spent dealing with simple cases, such as a passenger fainting, to more serious matters as having to administer CPR and assist with a birth on board. We also had to demonstrate our skills at performing a heart massage. The topic of medication was also covered. We learned which drugs a flight attendant is permitted to distribute to passengers and which ones are to be used during an emergency, together with which potential side effects to be aware of.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Zurich Tip - A Hidden Treasure (ZRH 1)

Our October inflight magazine is all about Zurich. We have therefore decided to publish some additional tips about Zurich from our employees during October. As today is the first of the month, here is our first tip.

Tamara Gerber, Manager Human Resources

Looking for a nice place to have a drink in Zurich? Don’t just go to any bar. The “Jules Verne” on the 10th floor of the “Brasserie Lipp” building offers a great panoramic view of the city, the lake and, if you are lucky, snow covered mountains.

Go there for cocktails as long as there is still daylight. Then have a snack there or go for dinner someplace else.
Or, if you are interested, go next door for a guided tour through the Urania observatory, starting at 9pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Depending on the time of year and month, you can see thousands of stars, the moon, several planets and, thanks to the giant telescope, you’ll think you can actually touch them!

Then you can have a relaxing debriefing at the Jules Verne – and come gently back down to earth.