Friday, November 12, 2010

Zurich Tip - Downtown Switzerland (ZRH 7)

Where Zurich has nothing to do with banks, insurances and chocolate.

Christine Moch, Manager Advertising

The part of Zurich known locally as “Kreis” 4 and 5 and specifically the area around Langstrasse is where the city really comes to life. The area around this lively street is full of bars, clubs, shops, cafés etc. If you like a mixture of people from all over the world, this is the place to go.

My personal favourites are:

Shopping: Edition Populaire opens once a month for 2 weeks with only 4 new products at a time, which are carefully selected by the owners Aleli and Kaspar. If you’re looking for a special birthday present for a good friend who has an eye for special things, you have come to the right place. And if you’ve missed an “edition”, you can still order it online as long as the products are still in stock.

Clubbing: Bar3000 has its own club, which is called Zukunft. Or vice versa. Anyhow, it’s the place to hear innovative electronic music. If you’re into that! Thursday is great, Friday is good, but avoid Saturday as there are too many kids around.

Girl talk: Uhhh, difficult! I would say my favourite is Maison Blunt, simply for their “Hauskafi” and the best hang-over breakfast in town.

Hanging out: Bäckeranlage is a small park with a café where families meet on weekends. In summer there are free concerts, table tennis tournaments etc. Try the cheesecake with “Streusel”: it’s the best in town.

Eating: Ah-Hua for great Thai food, not expensive. My second favourite is restaurant OKI, which serves the best in Japanese soups. Udon, Ramen…you name it.


  1. Zukunft is really a nice place. I love it! You can experience Zurich by its best: form the banker, to the student... all the crowd meets there. See you there ;-)

  2. My beloved neighborhood, Chreis Cheib rocks, all places mentioned are within walking distance...just around the corner you will find lots of nice bars/restos and clubs and some sweet yummy brunch places (my favorite: Huusmaa). It can be loud and dodgy, but go in, it's worth it!!!