Friday, October 22, 2010

Becoming a SWISS fan is really worth it!

by Can Menevşeoğlu

It all started when I saw a SWISS Facebook contest on an aviation website. I wanted to give it a shot and became a SWISS fan immediately and took part in the contest. I then left for Sakarya to continue my studies at Sakarya University. I could not check my e-mails during that time and when I got back home I was so surprised to see that I had won a trip to Berlin for two, including a Business Class flight, two nights at Swissôtel and a pair of tickets for the soccer game between Turkey and Germany!

My father and I flew to Berlin via Zurich in SWISS Business Class one day prior to the soccer game. The on-board service was fantastic and the cabin personnel were very helpful. Meals on board were delicious. We were welcomed very nicely at Swissôtel Berlin where we had the room with the best view.

The following day, we had a sightseeing tour of the beautiful city of Berlin and then it was time for the soccer game in the evening!

We had the best seats at the stadium and we enjoyed the game. On the way back, we had the privilege of being invited by the SWISS pilots to visit the cockpit. We returned home with sweet memories. This was an unforgettable experience for us despite the result of the soccer game. I would like to thank the SWISS family sincerely for this memorable trip.


  1. Having lived in Geneva and in North Carolina most of my life, I have the pleasure of flying Swiss many times. Truly one of the best.

  2. Yeah, SWISS still a reliable and great airline... but I honestly miss SWISSAIR. Now this was one of the greatest (except its management) a truly sad story.

  3. Recently had the pleasure of using Swiss Air for our first trip to Europe from Montreal. Flight to Zurich was like the old days, great service. Short transfer to Rome was seamless.
    On the way home from Venice we experienced the
    same worry free flights. Thanks Swiss Air! I have recommended you to many friends here.

    Karen L.

  4. Great airline with direct flights from Montreal to Zurich - i have close family in Gstaad & try to go as often as I can afford it!

  5. I grew up in Rumlang and flew Swiss many time from Kloten to Boston.

  6. As far as I'm concerned, the BEST AIRLINE IN EUROPE. Zurich is SO EFFICIENT when making connections!

  7. Randolph Perera23 October, 2010 14:20

    East or West Swiss is the Best

  8. What an amazing experience - an unforgettable one.

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