Friday, September 10, 2010

SWISS Inside - My life at the airline (Cabin Crew 1)

Nicole Kobler, Trainee Flight Attendant

The countdown has started. In less than a week from now I will start my course to become a cabin crew member, specifically a flight attendant, and will soon be working beyond the clouds!

One week in which I simply have to overcome my fear of flying ;-)). No, of course I don’t suffer from fear of flying.

My thoughts have been constantly revolving around the same subject for some time now: Swiss International Air Lines! I am looking forward to this new challenge and to becoming part of this group of smartly-dressed professionals who continue to draw inquiring looks from others at the airports all over the world, even though flying has long been a normal element of everyday life.

Soon I will be going to Zurich Airport every day and enjoying the wonderful, international, constantly busy atmosphere all around me. When the big moment comes I will have to take a deep breath and probably shake my head in disbelief that I am in fact on board. Then I will smile and start the day. I am looking forward to this different working life, one which knows no routine and which daily brings me in contact with new people and takes me to new destinations.

When I first greet passengers as they board the aircraft I hope I will think back to this day. Will my new job be as I imagined it? Will I be thick-skinned enough to keep on doing my job in a professional and service-oriented way even if some passengers try my patience?

But stop! Let’s get back to the here and now. Before I am allowed to board an airplane, I have some learning to do – down on the ground. The four-week course will surely be as exciting as the flying afterward! Aircraft, safety, cultures, religions etc. – interesting subjects and a wealth of knowledge that will prove valuable a whole life long.

One more week to go …

… SWISS, I am ready! Make me rich – rich in life experience!


  1. Great airline, Great crew-:)
    Alton (Atlanta GA USA)

  2. Please blog about SAT's pilot training, please, please!!

  3. I wish you all the best for your future and hope to fly soon with you. As passanger or to welcoming you aboard as an assistant.
    Björn (Flumenthal SO CH)

  4. Good luck Nicole and enjoy and love your job on board everyday!!

  5. Hello my dear: May offer you your new challenge happiness and joy. As Bob Hope said: I love flying. I've been to almost as many places as my luggage! See you soon. Franziska

  6. your expectations in your company is very high when you are expecting making you rich. it is your personal attitude and life experience that make you rich and it all comes from you and not from outside!!

  7. If you're interested in SAT's pilot training, there is already a lot of stuff published on the different websites of each pilot class. There are four classes starting each year and most of them blog every week. (X representing the course number (1-4) and YY the year (the last two digits)) eg

  8. Have you been elected for the course right after your application? I mean, right after the subsequent assessment? I wonder how "that" was like...

  9. hello i am friend of mr.michael negal but i have lost his all contact but he was working for swiss air allmost 8/9 years back!!!
    please help me to find out my friend
    thank you very much ....

  10. hi! congrats that you are flying as a cabin crew with swiss. i gave my interview and the HR told that they will get back in 3-4 days but its been 8 days i hav'nt got the mail. should i wait for long or do u suggest me to call them and check my status.