Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome to our blog!

Dear readers, customers and SWISS fans

Welcome to our brand new SWISS blog!

Having been active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for some time now, an experience that has been very enjoyable, we have come to realise that we need more space for the publication of detailed reports about life at SWISS. For this reason, we have decided to launch the SWISS Blog as a new channel that will serve as a complementary source of communication to standard media channels such as newsletters and press releases. The SWISS Blog will enable you to gain a greater understanding of how our company works. Content will include regular contributions from employees, who will offer their own personal travel tips and describe the nature of their daily work and the challenges they deal with.

Our debut content is dedicated entirely to San Francisco, the newest destination in our route network. You’ll find reports from members of staff from various units, who describe their role in the launch of service to San Francisco and relate their experiences and the highlights involved. Their stories give you the opportunity to learn how service to a new destination is planned and implemented.

Once the topic of San Francisco has been comprehensively covered the blog will move on to other aspects. On that note, we welcome your input regarding possible topics, wishes or suggestions and invite you to contact us at

We hope you enjoy the blog and look forward to receiving your feedback!

Yours sincerely
Christian & Parand
SWISS Social Media Team


  1. Congratulations guys. I'm a big fan of your excellent FB presence as well. Bon travail et bravo.


  2. Hi, nice idea. Do you have an RSS feed available? Thanks

  3. Hi Andy

    Here is the RSS Feed

    Best regards,

    P.S. Thanks a lot Jerome for the commendation!

  4. My understanding of social media is discussions and feedbacks belong in the comments of the blog...
    In general: good initiative! Go on guys. I especially like to see you tool your flyer-writers on bord with the Blogroll!
    BTW: I found you via the Airbuspilot (

  5. I am glad to see this blog and look forward to reading it often!

    I mentioned it on my own blog:

  6. Hello everyone, my family and I travelled on Swissair flight LX065 leaving Miami on the 31st of Aug arriving in Zurich on Sept 1st.. My daughter forgot her lifelong known cappuccino colored stuffed animal "Freddy" I am sorry to know that Swissair says they did not find it??I thought it could have been mixed up with the blanket since they are the same color basically and that maybe it ended up in with whatever company handles the cleaning of the aircraft, but this lady did not want to provide any info.. Does anyone, know how I can contact is worth a try... this is definitely a traumatic moment for a 4 year old... please advise my email is write Swissair in subject..
    Many thanks